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Balancing doing and being…

Life consists of periods of rest and activity. We need both. However, sometimes a disbalance between rest and activity can exist. You might feel tired all the time – longing for rest, similar you can experience the need to integrate more movement into your daily life. My teaching approach aims to balance doing and being. According to the motto – how you do one thing, you do everything. 

I integrate (contemporary) Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, restorative and yin yoga elements

Pre-/ and postnatal sessions mirror this approach as well. 

This space offers virtual and in-person (London) yoga sessions. Also, feel free to approach me for 1:1 sessions.

Hatha Yoga…

Ideally, a session starts with sitting in stillness/ meditation, breathing practices, and mantras. Postures and a final relaxation follow this. Nevertheless, including all elements depends on the location and available time.

The slow-paced approach allows one to work with preciseness, for example, regarding alignment. Furthermore, it can enable the body-mind connection. For instance, by focusing on the breath or a specific muscle, the practitioner can better understand the relationship between body and mind. The practitioner turns inwards, in turn, can lead to calmness.  

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Restorative Yoga…

Savasana (or the final relaxation pose) – I assume – most of us are aware of this. You lay in stillness down for a few moments till 10 – 15 minutes. Being in stillness and calming down the body and mind – a state of being instead of doing that- are restorative yoga’s characteristics. Restorative yoga is the body in a position of ease supported by props. It is a soothing practice that can be an antidote to the busy daily life or stress in a more general sense. 

Some of the classes integrate one or two restorative asanas. If indicated, then the whole practice is restorative. 

Yoga during and after your pregnancy…

can be a wonderful way to accompany you and your baby during these life-changing experiences. The classes are designed to the needs of the stages of your pregnancy (2 & 3 trimesters), the same as the postnatal period (starting six weeks after birth). 

Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to move and feel more comfortable and at ease during the second and third trimesters. All the Pregnancy Yoga sequences are designed to help the moms feel empowered, calm and ready for the life-changing event that is giving birth. Throughout the classes, we will explore the changes in our bodies, and listen to their needs. We will build strength and learn how to calm the nervous system, all while honouring the baby’s space. 

Yoga in the postnatal period helps to build strength, (re)experience the body and allows some me-time. The classes consist of movement, balancing, strengthening and restorative poses. The moves are generally low-intensity and modified to the needs of the body. The first weeks are all about bonding with the baby, adjusting to the new situation, resting and recovering. For that reason, you should only start eight weeks after you have given birth. Feel free to have your child with you. However, the class structure does not include specific exercises for the child.

Last but not least, a few words about myself…

‘Teaching Yoga means sharing what I love’.

My passion for yoga started in my early 20s. Back then, I used to participate in endurance sports – Marathon and Triathlon – not professionally, though highly motivated. In this context, Yoga was a means of stretching and recharging. Over time, it became more relevant to me. I tried various styles, such as Sivananda and Astanga Yoga. An injury led me to Iyengar and what is known as (contemporary) Hatha Yoga.

For more than ten years, I spent regular time in India. Here, I finished my first Yoga teacher training. Even though it sounds like a cliche, shortly after the teacher training, I quit my job and spent a few months in India. Following my passion, I immediately relocated to London to study for an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. Having finished in 2023, I still live and work in London.

What did I do before?

I grew up and lived for more than 35 years in Northern Germany/Hamburg. Here, I studied Social Anthropology. This career enabled me to stay for two years in Mexico City and qualified me to work in a Museum as a project manager and social worker.

What do I love besides Yoga?

First of all, travelling – if possible all around the globe. I prefer to stay longer in one place to get to know the people, to find a routine and learn some bits and pieces of the language. 

Last but not least, I love being close to the Sea – it calms me down; it is the perfect start and end to every day.