Brandon is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Breatharian Healing Level Two, taken under the guidance of Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo. Akahi and Camila are the founders of this powerful new healing modality and have over fourteen years of experience practicing this new and exciting form of Breathwork.

Brandon has a deep love connection with nature; and has worked with children in Forest Schools in London, participated in art workshops with theatre companies, and travelled across Europe by bicycle. After undergoing Breatharian Healing himself he has felt the effects first hand, and is now facilitating this incredible practice to others who want to remember who they really are, bring their power back in every moment, and expand our capacity to channel the universal and infinite energy flow of Prana. A highly nourishing energy that is pure and never runs out. Allowing us to make responsive decisions and transcending reactivity.


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"Thank you Brandon for teaching me to breath. i found the whole experience very relaxing from start to finish and then after a feeling of clarity, my mind and body in tune ,free of aches and pains, tensions of everyday life will look forward to my next session and how your teachings improve my whole being .thank you" - KAZZA © 2020, All rights reserved.