• Brandon Gregory

The Children know the way

An important day in my personal understanding of the world we are entering, and in realising we are shedding skin right now; this moment. 24th March 2020.

A child broke into tears, only three years old he was watching a hose pipe tip-end split, cut, and divided in the back garden. The pipe end was going to be forced onto the end of another pipe acting as an extension. Needless to say the three-year-old found this incredibly distressing. What this child saw and expressed is exactly the wake up call we need as a Consciousness. He saw the violence, clearly caring for the hose pipe as a loved one. Not separate from himself. Perhaps I am putting words in his mouth but for a good hour I connected with the feeling and more aware that things must be allowed to BE. It begs the questions that if it involves stress and force to change something then is the change really worth the trauma?

Our relations and care for everything is changing. From people, to gnarly trees, to the garden house pipe. Nothing is separate. All is divine. Bless the world!

Much love,


"Thank you Brandon for teaching me to breath. i found the whole experience very relaxing from start to finish and then after a feeling of clarity, my mind and body in tune ,free of aches and pains, tensions of everyday life will look forward to my next session and how your teachings improve my whole being .thank you" - KAZZA

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