• Brandon Gregory

Prana Breathing Tube

Updated: Jun 30

In this blog post I explain about the Prana Breathing tube. Prana is the universal life force energy that moves through everything, is pure, and never runs out. For many years we knew this knowledge but it has been forgotten since the fall in Human Consciousness. It is time to remember your gifts.

There is a fluorescent tube within the centre of your body. The tube is the size of your middle finger touching your thumb in radius and individual in size for each person. This tube ends one hand length above your head (13th Chakra), and one hand length below your perineum.

To breathe in this Prana and nourish yourself directly with this energy consciously. Follow the next steps: This Conscious breathing will help you be responsive in the moment, and in the knowing that you are always supported in every moment with pure abundant energy. In this way radiating out creativity and love and expanding your experience of life the more you practice:

Close your eyes to begin and see, sense, feel, and know the pure white light entering from the top of your Prana Breathing tube and moving down through the tube to your centre; the Heart Chakra. At the same time, see, sense, feel, and know this white light entering from the bottom of your tube and meeting in the Heart Chakra.

To be clear, see, sense, feel, and know that pure white light entering from the top of your tube and the bottom of your tube simultaneously and meeting in the centre; your Heart Chakra. As this connection happens see, sense, feel, and know a sphere around your Heart Chakra two hand lengths in radius. This sphere fills with pure white light and keeps getting stronger and stronger as you breathe the Prana.

It is important to note that this pure white light enters your Prana Breathing tube from the top and the bottom, then meeting and filling up your Prana Sphere around your Heart Chakra on the inhale, AND exhale. That is correct even on the exhale Prana is entering your Prana Breathing tube and filling up your Prana Sphere. See, sense, feel, and know this pure white light entering in from the top, and up from the bottom and meeting in your centre filling up the Prana sphere around your Heart Chakra.

Take 19 minutes out of your day to do this and you will be able to see your actions of the day with fresh eyes. As an observer you'll be able to make more heart-based decisions which don't incur the polarity of getting what you want but also what you don't want. From the Tiny space within the Sacred Space of your heart there is no polarity.

The following link will provide you with a guided mediation I have recorded to help you practice this Conscious Breathing exercise:


You will not need this guided meditation indefinitely, with enough practice you will simply BE this energy.

"Thank you Brandon for teaching me to breath. i found the whole experience very relaxing from start to finish and then after a feeling of clarity, my mind and body in tune ,free of aches and pains, tensions of everyday life will look forward to my next session and how your teachings improve my whole being .thank you" - KAZZA

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