• Brandon Gregory

In light of Corona Virus

Many people are concerned about the Corona Virus, and this may be causing a lot of dis-ease in people mentally. Take this opportunity to relax your system and remember your true power. Your strength. What is clear is that this Virus is providing a catalyst for evolution. We all have to evolve at this time; to let go of what we don't need. We do not have to "do the right thing", this merely provides polarity to "doing the wrong thing". Be in the heart and all will make sense. Breatharian Healing, the work I have feel called to bring forth as a facilitator; is a means to recall your innate ability to nourish yourself fully through harmonic breathing patterns. To feel safe and in control in preparation to face old memories and traumas and dissolve them. To relax in the knowledge and experience that you are always being nourished by Prana when you are open and unblocked to channel this profound energy that never runs out: Infinite. This in turn brings you into the understanding and feeling of non-reliance and attachment to finite forms of nourishment which is an inner-standing imperative in preparation for the shift we are going through together as a species: As a collective Consciousness.

Thank you,

All the love,

Many blessings,



"Thank you Brandon for teaching me to breath. i found the whole experience very relaxing from start to finish and then after a feeling of clarity, my mind and body in tune ,free of aches and pains, tensions of everyday life will look forward to my next session and how your teachings improve my whole being .thank you" - KAZZA

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