• Brandon Gregory

The difference between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

Updated: Jan 7

These phrases are being thrown about a lot these days but what do they actually mean.

Consciousness is; at its maximum capacity the ability to be fully awake. This is to say you are nothing but the real you and you feel it deeply. You have no skeletons in the closet and you are completely lit up, and awake to what you were asleep to before; the Unconsciousness. Your memory is full, you remember everything, even your soul past.

The Unconsciousness alternatively; is not necessarily a "bad" aspect of human life since all is in divine order. The Unconsciousness is responsible for holding painful experiences and memories and keeping them in the dark. This is until you have an understanding and ability to survive, and feel comfortable and stable in your survival skills. It is like Amnesia but you don't know it at first. Until the Unconscious is ready to be addressed and expressed at its perfect time. This is when you are ready psychologically. When you are mature. Everything has its perfect timing. Consciousness is like hyper, or higher awareness and given enough time and space it will act as your ultimate Doctor. This is evidently at work in the human world since humans are evolving at unprecedented speeds. It is a gift. Humans are gaining confidence in changing their fate and achieving their destinies.

The Subconscious is in the middle. The Subconscious will work away based on memories and experiences. Every moment in your life you are picking up information on how the world works. The more frequent the information pattern the more engraved the neural pathway. The functioning is autonomous. The Subconscious is also directly connected with your Unconscious which holds your real self, but along with it has access to all the pain you've had in your past that was unresolved. This pain can cause "dysfunctional" behaviour in your Subconscious programming in the sense that you are surviving but you are not yourself. You are "acting - out" a false identity to supress a need that was not resolved in the past and resulted in pain. There is always a reason you do anything in your Subconscious.

For example if you binge eat at midnight: If given time and space your Consciousness will tell you that it is not necessary to eat so late. It will be more difficult to digest overnight, or knowing that it is coming from emotional eating, or just a plain gut feeling not to eat this moment. The Subconscious however is torn because it is faced with the dilemma of not fulfilling a need to alleviate the pain connected with the Unconscious. A patch job. This pain for example could have been as deep and long ago as the memory of being a baby, screaming out for mommy during the night but getting no response. Mommy never came. So instead food is the substitute for this love she/he never received. Other people could say she/he eats like a baby and this is true in a manner of speaking. No doubt this may deeply offend the real self bringing up the pain directly. A person can feel like a butterfly pinned against a wall. This is a wake up call, but for many it is denied or attacked in the moment. If it was not true then there is no need to defend, no exhaustion. What this moment needs is time and space to feel and understand the root cause buried in the Unconscious.

Consciousness is the Doctor for the Unconscious pain. Given time and space, and permission for a diagnosis, the Consciousness will gradually tease out the pain left unfelt. It will feel worse before it feels better as all the pain is brought to the surface out of the dark and into the light. Naked, screaming, and vulnerable this pain will dissolve in the light over time with intention, patience, and consistency. If you feel stuck, and agitated. This is a sure sign your Consciousness is signalling you for evolution. It is time to face the dark. To get real.

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