The Definition of Healing

1. To restore to health or soundness, cure

2. To set right, repair

3. To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness

- The American Heritage Dictionary


Breatharian Healing

(1hr session)  £45

The Foundational Breatharian Healing session combines the power of the breath with the connection to the four main aspects of the human being: Mind, Emotions, Body, and Soul. Through it we discover an exciting and everlasting energy source that is capable of miraculous healing, evolution, and joy.

Session Breakdown


*Initially we will have a gentle conversation about your intention for taking the session.

Breatharian Healing includes 3 steps:

1) Connecting with the breath
First we will take ten deep breaths to connect and synchronise through the breath.

2) Healing Mind, Emotions, Body, Soul
As we enter the Healing Flow together, we will gently move through the four aspects: Mind, Emotions, Body, and Soul for a wholesome healing. We will clear out each aspect of any unnecessary information and free up the space for new information that will be more beneficial to your health.

3) Expansion
After completing the healing of the four aspects, we will now expand the healing effects to a deeper and more
expanded level. This is using a breathing technique known as Dynamo Breathing which I will explain at the beginning of the session.

As we close the session we will take ten deep breaths to ground, and this will be the closure.

*At the end of the session we will have time to discuss the experience.

"Relax... Breathe... You have all the time in the world... And nothing to do... Because you've already made it..."


+ Enhanced VITALITY
+ GET RID OF FEARS, activate new levels of Self-Confidence
+ Boost your Physical and Spiritual Energy
+ Gain Deeper Connection and Self Love

+ CONNECT with a NEW and powerful Energy SOURCE

+ Heal Traumas and Remove their toxic information from the Body Cells

Foundational Breatharian Healing

(1hr session) £45

Neuro-Cellular Reprogramming

(flexible, typically 1 hour)  £45

The purpose of this session is to select and revisit a memory that has caused pain or any stuck emotion, thoughts, physical tensions and energies attached in the past. During the session you are invited to breathe in the present and allow yourself to face that memory, blessing the memory, thus releasing it, and after a few consecutive sessions (highly  recommended)  be able to move on and not be held back by that memory or experience. The session will be guided in three parts, and you are vocally supported during the experience and a safe space is held for you.


The session is very well-paced to suit your individual needs however this is a brief outline of the session;


In the first part, we quiet the mind and connect through our breathing.


In the second part, you are guided and encouraged to face your selected
memory and dissolve all the fear and trauma related to it by re-experiencing the memory thus undoing the pain and aliments stemming from the trauma. Through coherent breathing in preperation you will find strength to face it and be the observer of the memory.


In the third part the focus is to ignite the possibility of self love that will reveal the infinite benefits of healing. We re-integrate new information that is for our highest well-being.

Neuro-Cellular Reprogramming

(flexible, typically 1 hour) £45

Pranic Frequencies

(45 minutes)  £35

The Pranic Frequencies is a practice in which we channel the multidimensional frequencies of the Life Force Energy - Prana, becoming conduits for self-healing and the healing of others both in person and via distance. All of these frequencies are connected to the body’s systems and each frequency is connected to a different level of energy. Those varying energy levels nourish the different organs and tissues of the body, creating an opportunity for the nervous system to be balanced and all the energy centers to reignite with new and healthy energy.

The Session starts by connecting through the breathe. You will be invited to lay down and I will begin to tune myself to the Pranic Frequencies, entering into the heart space. Once in the heart space I will channel healing energy largely through my hands as a focus of intention and clear energetic blockages in your field. This is a non-contact healing.

Pranic Frequencies

(45 minutes)  £35

The Inversion of the Breathing Cycle

(1 hour)  £45

Normally we think of the inhalation as expansion of the lungs. However, in this case we're going to invert that cycle. When we fill the lungs with air, we are expanding, and this expansion becomes the exhalation. When we release the air we are contracting the lungs, so this becomes the inhalation. This inversion of the breathing cycle shifts your mental comprehension of the breathing cycle, as well as unblocking limiting beliefs: it also helps reverse your timeline.

First; After a conversation about your intent for the session. We will connect through the breath and quiet the mind, bringing our state of relaxation deeper and deeper.

Then we begin practicing this alternate way of breathing. When we fill the lungs with air, we are expanding, and this expansion becomes the exhalation. When we release the air we are contracting the lungs, so this becomes the inhalation. We will take 20 breaths to adapt and explore this new way.

Once we have adjusted our mental comprehension of the breathing cycle we will increase the speed of the breathing in and out through the mouth. After achieving a speed we will release all the air from the lungs and be in the silent space of the breathless for a deep healing. When you feel ready you begin to breath again. We do this two times, taking our time and integrating the healing sensations.

Lastly we take the last ten breaths to ground and integrate the experience. We can also have a gentle conversation about the experience at the end.

The Inversion of the Breathing Cycle

(1 hour)  £45

"Thank you Brandon for teaching me to breath. i found the whole experience very relaxing from start to finish and then after a feeling of clarity, my mind and body in tune ,free of aches and pains, tensions of everyday life will look forward to my next session and how your teachings improve my whole being .thank you" - KAZZA © 2020, All rights reserved.